White people, racism, and comparing discrimination.

White people will never understand racism. Do not get me wrong white people can and will understand certain types of discrimination since everyone can be discriminated, but white people cannot and never will go through racism because of the set of privileges that society gives white people.

Many may wonder why the hell I am saying this, which is fair enough, but if whites really went through the same amount of racism and had the same amount of historical background as black people then racism would not exsist and there would not be a need to always explain why certain things are offensive.

And the thing that makes it worse is that in our society especially in Sweden we tend to compair different types of oppresion and think that word carry the same amount of hate for example some people say that homosexual people can relate to black people since they are also going through dicrimination.

Do not get me wrong homosexual people do go through discrimination but what if you are black and homosexual? Then you are not only oppresed because of your skin colour but also because of your sexuality which is oppresion but in two diffrent degrees.

Just because you are dicriminated does not mean that one can understand all types of discrimination.

Dreadboy18  #YaDig?


2 thoughts on “White people, racism, and comparing discrimination.

  1. Indeed. The problem with this is two fold here. Because people have not been taught a history where they are responsible for some of the trade with black people. As such it is easy to believe that as a white Swedish person ‘you’ are exempt from being racist as you feel you had nothing to do with slavery in the first place. (Incorrectly so I might add, but that is for another discussion). So when you are accused of racism your frame of reference for what that means does not match your image of yourself. Because ‘nice’ people can not be racist. The truth is they can and are.

    Racism runs so much deeper. It runs to the chore of a belief system that has the Caucasian European on the top rung of evolutionary humanoids and all else in descending order of importance/intelligence and personage where the Black man pulls the shortest straw. It is generally accepted that Black people need the aide of Caucasians to manage day-to-day living in any sort of civilized manner. And so the aide extended to us by well meaning Caucasians is not seen by themselves as racism but merely the highest degree of compassion. Because what would we do without them.

    When you are dealing with those kinds of impressions it is hard to get through to said Caucasians that in fact what makes them fundamentally racist is not that they are outwardly evil but rather that they assume superiority and thus the right to decide what things are and are not. And woe is he who is not Caucasian who tries to say otherwise, or impose constraint on their freedom to be. We on the other hand should be grateful for our freedoms, because they say so.

    So whether we can be racists or not is not the question. We undoubtedly can in a distant future where we rule the world and deem other people to be of lesser worth or even sub human,. Until then the only people who can be racist and in the true sense of the word are Caucasians, well meaning as well as outright KKK supporting ones. All have the capacity to be. And every time we are told to stay down with our accusations and demands for equality, because a white person once felt unsafe around black people or in a black neighborhood or on safari in Africa, that point is painfully proven.

    So agreed. Just because you are a woman you do not understand the plight of a gay man in Texas, or a street child in Brazil or a black person almost everywhere. Just as little as a black man understands the plight of a woman. All he can do is support and believe a woman when she tells him what she goes through of inequality. Caucasians would do well to adopt the same attitude understand that all they can do is to listen and show support. Because of our experience they don’t and can never know a thing.


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